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(December 11, 2015)

2015 got off to a chilly start, with a early wedding in January which was wet and cold for us but very cosy inside for the bride


Weddings winter wedding

Charlie and Impulse


Funerals Black team funeral

The Black team in Milton Keynes

 We had a new arrival in February, Lady Millie an 11 month Dally, we were her 3rd home so she was pretty unruly to start with ! But with a bit of time she took to running with the carriage really well and now just loves it 

At home millie

Lady Millie

 other events millie road club

Lady Millie's first public appearance. The Road Club Spring Drive 

We were all glad to see the beginning of Spring and the horses were busy with weddings and training ready for the Waterloo celebrations.

This trip started at Waterloo in Belgium and we travelled with the Post Chaise to St James Square in London.

There was a very busy timetable with little time for error and we had carefully looked at the route earlier in the year. The timings between events were tight but could be done, sometimes attending 3 presentations a day.

One of the highlights was the full Police escort we had to take us from the stables in to the centre of Brussels, 3 motorbikes and 2 cars with the blue lights and sirens all the way !!

"Traffic " no problem the bikers just cleared the road and we had a trouble free drive with the lorry in to the city centre.

All went well in Belgium, Bobby and Charlie were brilliant and took everything in their stride. We jumped on the ferry late in the evening to cross back to Dover, where we had left 2 horses ready to make up the team to go in to London

We were in Broadstairs the following morning and were met by a huge crowd and Liz couldn't resist springing Impulse and Mischief up the hill out of the town.

In the afternoon we were in Canterbury at the Cathedral for another very well attended service.

That evening we travelled up in to London to stable the horses at Hyde Park barracks. The next day was to be the hardest of the trip with 8 presentations to attend. The horses were in harness from 9.30am until gone 7pm with just an hour break for lunch, The final part was to join the Waterloo parade up The Mall, which must have been a fabulous site for the crowds that lined the route

Sharon and Liz were rather stiff when they dismounted that evening, but the boys coped with it all in their stride and did us all proud. It was a well deserved meal and a few drinks that evening for the whole team who made it the success that it was. Thank you everybody.

other events Belgium pair

Bobby and Charlie in Waterloo


other events greenwich sharon

Sharon at Greenwich


other events St James square

The Team in St James, the final presentation to HRH Princess Anne


other events The Mall

Waiting to join the Waterloo parade on The Mall


20150809_064730The superb wash boxes at Chester Racecourse

 The rest of the summer was packed full with Weddings, funerals and other special occasions.

Steve took his lovely Black hackney cross mare to Euston Park for a very enjoyable French style Attelage.

other events Euston



other events Santa BramptonSanta arrives at his Grotto

Other events SantaThe lovely Larry and Charlie

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