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Events of 2014

(December 11, 2015)

Wow what a busy year this has been, a record number of weddings, funerals and all types of different special occasions.

Weddings Grey pair Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Other events filming Black Prince

Filming for "The Black Prince" yes that is Liz with the Black horses !

The highlight of the year has got to be qualifying for the finals of the Quadrille competition at Olympia. Our team for Keysoe riding club consisted of 4 of our carriage horses and the riders were the girls that help Liz with the weddings and funeral business. Our theme this year was "The Full Monty" 

We had the most amazing time and plenty of laughs along the way, learning our routine and stripping to the music while riding is not easy !

The horses were stars and put up with us ripping off our shirts and they had trousers and thongs which were also stripped off in the routine !

There is a video on our carriagehire facebook page.

 Quadrille centre line

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