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Concours International D'Attelage De tradition Cuts 2012

(May 26, 2012)

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Steve and Liz recently took a team of 4 horses to a Road coach and a single horse with a George IV phaeton to Cuts 100km north of Paris. The weather was excellent, the event had 71 entries. There are 3 parts to the competition, the first is presentation in front of 3 separate judges, then a 15km drive round local roads and tracks with 5 difficulties and then cones in the afternoon. Mischief was Liz's single and he was very excited, as he loves to show off, but completed the event in 6th place in a class of 22. The team of 4 were very well behaved and won the class for coaches. An excellent weekend was had by all and thank you to all the team that helped us.

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