Past Events

Hong Kong Trip -

(July 23, 2001)

Can you believe that?

Flying in a Jumbo Jet chartered just for us from Heathrow?

No! Nor could we, until it happened.

Through the horses we have done some very exciting things, but three weeks in Hong Kong tops it all.

And We were Paid !!

1st Class all the way and throughout the stay.


To lead the Chinese New Year Parade throught the streets of Hong Kong in this the year of the Horse.


Are we stupid or simply insane?

Well lets just say we know our horses can cope in the most outrageous circumstances, it was us who were nervous.

We had a vet walking alongside who, later confessed to having had enough dope in a syringe to put Hong Kong to sleep, just in case!!

But of course, saftty is of paramount importance. However as we expected the Horses "Mister & Fidget" took it all in their stride.

If you were ask us to describe the atmosphere, well it was like driving a pair of horses through Wembley Area during a full blown rock concert.

Here we are getting ready for the opening of Racing on St Valentines day at the new Sha Tin Racecourse.

After the first week, having made several appearences on TV, we were famous throughout China and Hong Kong and welcomed where ever we went.

Ah! Misa an Misis Jarma?


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